Discussing and debating topics

Selected by our youth, ages

14 through 24.


The monthly Youth Political Round Table discussions are sponsored by the St. Mary’s Republican Central Committee (SMCRCC), but are non-partisan in that all view points are welcome.


These meetings give our young people the opportunity to choose topics, lead meetings, and tell us what they think. Although the target age is 14 – 24, everyone is invited to come and share their opinions, and – more importantly – hear what our next generation of leaders is saying.


Students are asked to choose a topic – current event or political situation – and present both sides of the story.  Past topics chosen and presented by students include:


  • 2014 State and Local Candidates

  • The Ebola Outbreak

  • ISIS and Middle East Unrest

  • Entitlement and Government Spending

  • Government Surveillance and Spying

  • Gun Control

  • How To Become A Candidate

  • Choosing your Platform, As a Candidate


    In 2013, students selected the topic of “Why Mitt Romney Lost the Presidential Election” and conducted and filmed man-on-the-street interviews. This video was then played during the May 2013 meeting.


    For additional information, contact Julie Burk-Greer with comments or suggestions: 301 475-8709

    *The location for 2015 Meetings is TBD.